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Sunday, February 3, 2013

K5TA.NET is live

I've finally started to work on creating a K5TA website.  Last September, Google Offers ran a promotion for BlueHost that sounded pretty good -- a year's hosting with basically unlimited everything, including a domain name, for $40.00 total.  I signed up immediately, but didn't do anything with it until recently.  About a month ago, around Christmastime, I started to experiment. At first I installed something called "WordPress," which is a fancy site creation tool, I guess.  It was too complicated for my tastes, though, so I deleted all their files (I hope) and just last week started to play with straight HTML/CSS.  I hate not knowing where stuff comes from or how it works, so I tend to regress to the absolute basics.  So, www.k5ta.net is up and running.  Not much there yet, but stay "tuned."

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